Keba system installation on Battenfeld BA8500 in Spain


Complete controller exchange included 16 mold heating zones, valvegate control, robot interface, inverter, ...

Type: BA8500

Year of production: 1993

Clamping force: 8500 kN


Location: Spain


Renovation included:

- obsolete control system exchanged by new Keba controller

- installatin of 16 mold heating zones, valve gates, Euromap interface

- application inverter extension for power consumption reduction

- programming of custom application specialized for automotive production and quality control

Wonderful special project from US Michigan


Custom prototype of double injection vertical machine used for wood caps overmolding

Type: Prototype machine

Clamping force: 600kN

Location: USA


The customer took pretty common vertical molding machine from Taiwan and made prototype machine with rotary table for production of bottle stoppers with a wooden caps.

We equipped the machine with Keba system, developed customer application and put the machine in use.


I am really proud to participated on this project.

These are exactly the projects that move me forward and motivate me to move on.


Another old eternal Engel - in this case ES1300-250 full renovation


Complete controller exchange included 24 mold heating zones, new cabinets, wirings, cables and Parker inverter installation for power consumption reduction


Type: ES1300-250

Clamping force: 2500kN

Location: Germany


Renovation included:

- obsolete control system exchanged by new Keba controller

- installatin of 24 mold heating zones

- new cabinets, wirings and cables

- Parker inverter installation for power consumption reduction

- Custom application specialized for specific parts and quality control.

- production sequencer for Duroplast production (free programmable machine sequencer)

SK1300 Basic - Original obsolete defect Philips kicked out by Keba controller


One week project from Czech Republic - complete controller exchange, panel installation and commissioning in 6 days


Type: SK1300 Basic

Clamping force: 1300 kN

Location: Czech Republic


- Original old Philips exchanged by new Keba controller

- Custom application specialized for specific parts and quality control.

- special production sequence (free programmable machine sequencer)

Biraghi Sintesi 250 TRH – controller exchange, installation of new Keba control system to keep the conditions of production in automotive


Exchange of obsolete original Gefran controller by Keba system. Production modernisation and optimisation. Preparation for process data collection and production monitoring through OPC-UA interface.


Type: Biraghi Sintesi 250 TRH

Model with special Biraghi injection unit with separated screw, cutter and rotator for capsule preparing for injection.

Clamping force: 2500 kN

Year of production: 2007

Location: Slovenia


Ferromatik Milacron K140 2F – complete renovation included new Keba controller and servo pump installation


Complex reconstruction of 2 components injection molding machine with rotary table. Exchange of obsolete B&R by new Keba control system. Servo pump installation and hydraulics reconstruction.


Type: K140 2F 2F

2 components injection molding machine with rotary table

Clamping force: 1400 kN

Location: USA


Renovation included:

- control exchange by new Keba system and extensional IO modules

- servo pump installation and hydraulic reconstruction

- custom application development based on customer requirements

Doush 500 compression molding machine - new Keba control installation


Installation of new Keba control system, custom application programming including specific customer requirements, commissioning, test and start of production

Type: Doush 500 
New Chinese compression molding machine
Clamping force: 5000kN
Location: Serbia
Production: Automotive

LAUFFER Compression machine renovation


Laufer - Complete reconstruction with Keba system

Compression molding machine reconstruction


Clamping force: 1000kN

Location: Czech Republic


Retrofitting with Keba controler CP051Y + extensional modules + Keba Speed pump

Equipped with auto safety gate

Keba servo pump

Machine sequencer

Coining/venting functionality

Other special production requirements


Service, optmisation and extension of Keba control on imported Chinese injection molding machines Bole, Powerjet, Hanvos


Modification and extension of control application, debugging, parameter settings, calibration. Installation of additional safety equipments and conditions.


Year: 2015 - 2019

Clamp force: 1000kN / 5000kN

Location: England


Service included:

Modification and extension of Keba control application (cores, Euromap, lubrication, ...)

- Optimisation of production cycles - cycle time cut-down

- Calibration

- Installation of additional safety sensors and relays

REP rubber machine transformation to silicone production


Complete renovation included new Keba controller and silicone stuffer installation on REP machine

Complete reconstruction of old REP machine and rebuild to silicon parts production. Included the new Keba system installation, manufacture and installation of silicone stuffer.


Year of construction 1996

Typ: REP DP330T

Clamping force: 3300kN


Location: Morocco


- Manufacture of silicone stuffer and installation on the REP machine

- Transformation to silicone production

- complete reconstruction included new Keba controller 

- Servo pump installation (125 l/min): Phase Drive, Phase motor, Casappa pump


ENGEL ES700/175 – renovation including Keba control installation and Parker energy saving inverter


Engel ES700/175 complete renovation and modernisation

Renovation and modernisation of Engel injection molding machine, Keba retrofitting and inverter installation


Year of production: 1989

Type: ES700 / 175

Clamping force: 1750 kN

Location: Czech Republic


- control exchange by new Keba system and extensional IO modules

- new electro: wiring, cables, cabinets, sensors, …

- additional 24 heating zones

- installation of Parker inverter to save energy

- custom application development based on customer requirements


PAN STONE Inj-500/4000 - controller exchange by new Keba control system


Pan Stone Inj-500/4000 controller exchange

Exchange of obsolete original Fuji controler by Keba system

Retrofit of 2 vertical rubber injection molding machines

Year of construction 2019

Model: PAN STONE Inj-500/4000-A-FIFO

Clamping force: 5000kN


Location: Morocco


Success story:

Customer (automotive supplier) bought 2 new Pan Stone machines equipped with very obsolete controller from Fuji.

Although the machines itself are very good and heavy, the orig. controller limits the usage of the machines and causes very unstable production. 

The application was very incomprehensible and made customer's life very complicated.

After discussion we considered to replace orig. controller by Keba system with application, which was adjusted for his production.

Exchange and commissioning of both machines were successfuly finished in one week !!! and after short production break, the machines produce stable 24h per day. All production guys are very, very happy.

And this is the main reason why I am doing this job - make the machines better!


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