For used injection molding machines with original Keba control system, we offer service, updates,
modifications and extensions of applications according to customer requirements
We adjust application depends on the customer requirements or we implement completely new application which answer all customer expectations.
The machine can be also bought directly with the intention of new application implementation. This can compensate the main disadvantage of the low-cost machines.
Such adjusted machines can be used also for the complex production in automotive after.
Example of additional adjustments: 
• integration of additional hotrunners and heating blocks
• interfaces for cores, robots, hoppers, driers, transmission belts, ...
• machines optimisation, settings, calibration and recommisioning
• connection to network, process data collections and analysis (offline and online MES systems)
• integration of valve gates
• servo valves regulation
• special equipments - infrasensors, cavity pressure sensors, dosers - Masterbatch feeding, ...
• free programmable machine sequencer
We have full store of Keba components and spare parts immediately available for delivery all over the world!
Don't hesitate to ask for quotation - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone +420 725 537 235
• Keba CPU (CP 031/T, CP 033/T, CP 051/Y, CP 052/Y, CP 052/Y, CP 053/Y, CP 054/Y, CP 252/Y, CP 265/W)
• Keba Panels (OP 331/C, OP 341/C, OP 350-LD/C, OP 362-LD/C, OP 362-LD/C-5114, AP 515-SE/A, AP 521-SE/A)
• Keba Modules (AI 240/A, AM 280/A, AM 280/B, AM 282/A, AO 240/A, BL 210/B, BL 270/A, BL 270/B, BL 272/A, BL 272/B, DI 240/B, DI 260/A, DM 272/A, DM 276/A, DO 242/B, DO 272/A, MM 240/A, SM 210/A, SM 220/A, SM 230/A, TM 240/A, IM 270/W, HRS24 IM 032/A, HRS24 IM 232/A)
• Cables, Connectors, ...
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