We exchange and install new control systems
We replace defective, obsolete and non-compliant control systems of all brands on all types of injection molding machines by Austrian systems Keba (www.keba.com).
We develope custom applications and user interface for all types of injection molding machines and compression machines. Our control has already been used on hundreds machines of several brands and types and is thoroughly tested in the automotive industry.
Togehter with our customers we always try to find the most cost effective solution before the exchange. This is possible mainly due to the independence of the machines manufacturer, which gives us sufficient flexibility and place for adjustemens.
We certainly pay attention to maintaining CE certificates.
Injection machine retrofitting means:
• specification of the new control system
• price offer - quotation
• disassembly of the original control system
• new Keba control system installation 
• programming of the control application according to the specification of the injection molding machine
• Keba applications programming fulfilled customer requirements
• Repairs and renovations of cabinets
• Replacement of wiring and sensors
• Repairs of Keba components (cards and systems)
• Machines commissioning on site
• Online and offline process data measurement and production data collection
• Documentations and manuals
• Training
• Long-term customer service and support
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